Friday 23 October 2015

RESEARCH: Completion of Data Collection

Today marked an important day in my PhD journey - I completed my data collection.  Yes, three years and 23 days into my PhD I now have all the data that I need to write my final chapters, submit my PhD and move on with my life!  I can't help but be thankful to all the people who have taken the time to contribute to my research.

I had 295 survey respondents fill out a survey analysing perceptions of equity in the delivery of domestic solar energy rebates, and 363 survey respondents complete my survey on their motivation for installing their system.  Those surveys were received by the end of 2013, but my interaction with survey respondents continued with telephone and in-person until June of this year.  In total I interviewed 31 householders about their perception of domestic solar energy.

Between May and October this year I have undertaken interviews with members of government and industry regarding they perceptions of renewable energy, with a total of 34 interviews (and about 50 hours of recordings!).

Now to get transcribing!