Monday 16 November 2015

AWARD: Postgraduate Students' Association Conference Award

I was very pleased to receive advice this week that I have been awarded a PSA Conference Award for my upcoming travel to Sydney in February 2016.

The PSA Conference Awards are provided on a competitive basis to postgraduates at UWA to support promotion of research objectives.  This Award is particularly important to me as I have exhausted all of my allocated funding and wouldn't have had an opportunity to attend the conference without receiving the Award.

I will be using my Award to fund my registration for my attendance at the 2016 Australian Summer Study on Energy Productivity.  The Summer Study is a three day intensive networking and workshop experience to communicate ideas and develop solutions to 21st century energy problems.  Unlike academic conferences I have previously participated in, entrance to the industry-based Summer Study is competitive, with only 300 places available.  Therefore, being accepted for not only a place in the Summer Study but also being given a presentation slot is an achievement in itself.