Tuesday 29 September 2015

CONFERENCE: UWA Student Talks in Research

Today I presented in the second annual UWA Student Talks in Research (STiR), a UWA Postgraduate Students' Association event.  The real benefit of something like STiR is having the opportunity to see presentations from a variety of disciplines across the university.  I saw presentations on fanfiction, disease control and treatment, composers, urban planning, chemical engineering and zoology.  The overlap in methodologies and concepts was surprising, with students benefitting from each other's experiences. 

I gave a brief presentation on the first three chapters of my PhD, looking at motivations for installing systems, satisfaction with systems and perceptions of equity in terms of the subsidisation of systems.  I'm always pleased to see that my research area draws a number of questions - although I think it is as much to do with the topical theme of my research than because my research is interesting!

STiR presentations were TED-style talks of ten minutes with five minutes for questions and answers.  I was very pleased to be awarded equal second place for best presentation.