Friday 10 April 2015

PUBLICATION: Assessment and Evaluation Publication

Following quickly on the tails of my Energy Policy publication, I am pleased to announce the publication of the paper I developed during my time in the UWA Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme 'Assessing postgraduate student perceptions and measures of learning in a peer review feedback process' was published this week in 'Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education'.

The research questions whether there is value in introducing peer feedback to the development of a large group report.  Individuals received draft versions of reports analysing climate change issues.  Each individual developed feedback based on a template, with this feedback given back to groups before completion of the group report.  Students were surveyed to find out what they thought of the peer feedback process, and the quality of the feedback and difference between draft and final group reports were examined.  All up it was decided the peer feedback process was a worthwhile addition to the unit - students viewed the process positively, improved the grade of group reports and provided feedback of generally high quality.

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