Thursday 18 July 2013

CONFERENCE: Entering the world of Conferences

July has been a pretty exciting month for me with regard to informing the world about my research.  I presented at both the Institute of Australian Geographers conference and the World Renewable Energy Congress conference.

Institute of Australian Geographers

I presented on my upcoming research into the application of Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation Theory with regard to domestic solar adoption in Western Australia and the friction between environmental and social equity associated with supporting domestic solar electricity.  I received some great feedback on my presentation, with people interested in whether I was going to assess the politics of domestic solar and how my research would interact with 'space' in diffusion of innovation.

Soon I will be uploading my PowerPoint slides so you can see details on my presentation, but in the meantime head to my blog to hear about some of the fascinating work being done by geographers in Australia and New Zealand.

World Renewable Energy Congress

I presented on my first research findings surrounding stakeholder perceptions of the Renewable Energy Target, including industry's request for increased policy certainty, reduced review processes and the damaging impacts of the Solar Credits Multiplier.

The Congress will be uploading my slides soon and I will attach a link at that point.  Until then you can access my thoughts on the conference via my blog.