Wednesday 9 April 2014

PUBLICATION: 2014 Journal Publications

Publication #1 - 'Picking winners and policy uncertainty: Stakeholder perceptions of Australia's Renewable Energy Target' - Renewable Energy

I'm very pleased to announce that the first paper of my PhD has now been published in Renewable Energy journal. 

The paper covers material presented at the 2013 World Renewable Energy Congress Conference in Perth.  Stakeholder submissions to Australia's Review of the Renewable Energy Target were reviewed and key themes were grouped for analysis. 

Major findings included that frequent review processes reduce investment confidence in the renewable energy industry, reducing the likelihood of Australia meeting its renewables GWh target.  Additional points included that schemes that favoured technology types resulted in negative outcomes for the environment, industry and consumers.  Recommendations for future reviews are provided.

Find the article here.  For a copy of the paper please contact me directly.

Publication #2 - Consultation, Participation and Policy-Making: Evaluating Australia's Renewable Energy Target - Australian Journal of Public Administration

After a long delay in-press the second paper of my PhD has also been published by the Institute of Public Administration Australia

The paper analyses the use of consultation processes in the development of public policy, emphasising potential negative impacts that may arise from consultation.  In particular, the paper finds that public consultation can result in wasted investment of resources by stakeholders, reduced public confidence in policy development and wide-ranging perceptions of sovereign risk.  Issues surrounding public consultation can be mitigated by increasing transparency around processes, including by identifying the potential for consultation to result in changes to policy.

Find the article here.  For a copy of the paper please contact me directly.