Thursday 6 February 2014

CONFERENCE: Teaching and Learning

Teaching in 2013

During 2013 I had the opportunity to tutor in three units: Geography of Global Cities; Globalisation, Environment and Development; and Environmental Policy and Planning.  A particular highlight was getting an opportunity to lecture for the second year Environmental Policy and Planning unit, presenting on international similarities in the application of, and responses to, domestic solar electricity policies.

UWA Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme

I'm particularly looking forward to teaching in 2014 as I have been selected for a competitive position in the UWA Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme.  The competitive application Scheme accepts up to 24 postgraduates each year and will add significant lecturing, curriculum development and pedagogical analysis experience to my existing tutoring experience.
Reflections on 2013 and the WA Teaching and Learning Forum

Given I will be undertaking the Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme, I decided to attend the recent WA Teaching and Learning Forum.  Listening to passionate teachers talk about their experiences caused me to reflect on my own teaching practices, making me think about the way I structure and deliver my own course content and consider alternatives for assessment processes. 

My blog article on this topic can be found here.