Wednesday 29 November 2017

EXPERIENCE: Publishing in the Thesis Whisperer

I recently had the honour of being published on the Thesis Whisperer blog.  Most people in society can get through their entire lives being blissfully unaware of the Thesis Whisperer blog, but for Australian PhD candidates the Thesis Whisperer is a way of life.  Part mental health advice column, part PhD survival skills, part PhD community building, Thesis Whisperer helps make the PhD possible

ANU's Inger Mewburn is the creator of Thesis Whisperer and works in the wonderful world of research research - researching the academy and PhD experience.  I approached her with a few blog ideas a year ago and she very kindly published one of my posts.  It had a pretty excellent viewer rating of over 3,500 views, not including the 35,000 strong mailing list the posts are sent to weekly.  You can see my blog post here.