Sunday 22 October 2017

PUBLICATION: Local Environment Paper

The final paper from my PhD has been published, exactly one year after I submitted my thesis.  There is something poetic about all my PhD 'lasts' happening in October (fieldwork, thesis, final paper etc)!

This final paper, published in the journal Local Environment, looked in detail at my two regional case studies and the influence that 'champions' within a community can have on the adoption of solar PV systems.  I found that a 'champion' embedded in the community with a good knowledge of solar and incentive policies can dramatically increase the adoption of solar, however champions can also create issues where they don't take advantage of local expertise and trusted renewable energy suppliers.

You can find my 'Looking beyond incentives: the role of champions in the social acceptance of residential solar energy in regional Australian communities' paper here, with the first 50 copies available for free from here.