Thursday 9 March 2017

EXPERIENCE: PhD Accepted and conferment of title

After submitting my PhD thesis in October of last year I was very happy to receive my examination results in December.  All three of my examiners passed my thesis with minor corrections.  With a few conferences to attend and a number of papers currently in the publication process it took me a little while to make my corrections, however I can now happily report that my thesis has been resubmitted and I have satisfied all the requirements for achieving a Doctor of Philosophy.  While I'm not officially supposed to call myself a doctor until my award is conferred at graduation, I'm pretty confident in saying that I'll be a doctor soon enough!

And in the mean time, the University of Western Australia has bestowed upon me the title of Honorary Research Fellow, in light of my continuing presence at conferences, publication in journals and other representation activities.  Cheers guys!