Thursday 27 October 2016


Last Friday a momentous event occurred - I submitted my PhD thesis.  What was looking to be a pretty big anti-climax - a short stroll over to the Graduate Research School office to hand in a pile of paper - turned into quite the event. I can't help but be touched by all the support I received from my fellow postgrads who walked with me to the office and celebrated my submission with champagne. Thanks guys!

The final five weeks leading up to my submission were pretty hellish - long nights, interrupted sleep, and feeling like it would never be done. I can't say I'm completely satisfied with the final version, but it's done, submitted, and off to the examiners for review.  And I also wish that I could say that it was time for a break!  Alas, I'm back at uni the following week, completing edits on other papers. But Christmas and the Perth summer sunshine are just around the corner. :-)