Saturday 3 September 2016

EXPERIENCE: DEETalks Completion Seminar(ish)

As frightening and unlikely as it may seem, I am fast approaching the end of my PhD.  I'm currently writing up my final paper, and to celebrate I thought I would give a completion seminar!

Unlike many international PhD programs, the Australian system does not include the requirement to complete a 'Viva' or oral defence exam.  Instead, Australian theses are examined by three independent reviewers, two of whom must be from outside Australia.  Because these examiners are so far away getting to meet them face-to-face is just too difficult.  But this doesn't seem like a valid excuse not to present to a live audience!

I chose to present my completion seminar in our School's DEETalks slot.  These are one hour long seminars presenting a body of research in layperson terms.  I couldn't quite fit all of my research into a single seminar, so instead I covered the first three papers, which are most relevant to a general audience.  I framed my presentation around advice to householders considering installing a residential solar system, asking them to question the economic, social and environmental implications of their decision.

I had a great time presenting and received great feedback.  Special thanks to Kaylee for organising the slot, and my supervisor Julian Clifton for the very flattering introduction!