Monday 21 March 2016

AWARD: UWA UniMentor Program

Last year I participated in the UWA UniMentor scheme, a program which pairs incoming undergraduate or postgraduate students with experienced undergraduate or postgraduate students.  I was pleased to be able to help my mentees navigate university grounds, computer processes, timetables and get them settled in.

I have taken the start of the new academic year as an opportunity to reflect on my experiences with the scheme, and with mentoring generally, via my blog.  While my thoughts question the value of a mentor in the traditional sense, I would still wholeheartedly support the UniMentor program.  It's a great way to meet new people, hear about the UWA experience from their perspective, see the campus through the eyes of a newcomer and feel like you're doing your bit to make the university a more friendly and welcoming environment.

I would like to thank the Student Assist team for organising the UniMentor program, and to my mentors for providing me with the enriching experience. I was very pleased to be awarded the 2015 Postgraduate UniMentor Mentee’s Choice Award.