Saturday 30 August 2014

CONFERENCE: Royal Geographical Society Conference 2014

In August I attended the Royal Geographical Society Conference, presented by the Royal Geographical Society and Imperial College London.

This was my first wholly international conference and I enjoyed meeting people from all around Europe working on environmental behaviour change and adoption programs. In particular, this proved to be a great opportunity to widen my postgrad network. I was happy to find myself sharing presentation slides and references with similar minded postgrads, with my own presentation receiving a warm welcome from the small Friday morning crowd in attendance.

The conference was huge - with 37 parallel sessions running six times a day for three days. And while I felt compelled to attend similarly-based research presentations I was also fascinated by research completely at odds with what is studied in geography in Australia. I was particularly intrigued by sessions on bunkers - cold war bunkers, hidden second world war bunkers, make-shift South American bunkers - and the way society has responded to them.