Tuesday 23 December 2014

EXPERIENCE: Committees and Representation Work

School of Earth and Environment Postgraduate Representation

2014 was another busy year for the SEE Postgrad reps, which saw a 'changing of the guards' with many committee members leaving and others joining in on the fun.  Having organised many of the events in 2013, the Committee could run these on auto-pilot to some degree, leaving more of an opportunity for representation work.  SEE Postgrad Events in 2014 included:
  • Postgraduate Research Forums (8 in 2014)
  • Writing retreats (3 in 2014)
  • The 2nd Annual Earth and Environment Postgraduate Symposium
  • Staff and Students BBQ
  • Winter Movie Night
  • SEE Potluck Lunch
  • End of Semester / Midyear social drinks
Representation work included the development of a casual teaching guide, Postgraduate Research Forum web page, and working with the Graduate Research Coordinators to improve the candidature process.

UWA Postgraduate Student Association - 2015 Media Officer

In an act of sheer madness I also put my hand up to take the role of Media Officer for the 2015 Committee of the UWA-wide Postgraduate Student Association.  The Media Officer is required to update the Facebook and Twitter pages, manage the website and blog, and act as editor-in-chief of the PSA Magazine.  Considering the website and blog are now well out of date I have my work cut out for me!