Wednesday 25 June 2014

EXPERIENCE: Guardian cites my work!

In a shocking turn of events one of my blog posts has been referenced in a Guardian online article.

The blog post in question provides a response to a presentation by David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.  During the presentation David Ritter criticised the 'inner city latte sippers' and their attitudes towards consumption etc.  I decided this would be a snappy basis for the title of my blog post, and referred to these 'sippers' in the content.  This was then referenced in a Guardian article about a trend in the media of developing a typology for sections of society based around beverage consumption. 

So the post didn't really respond to any of my detailed policy/sustainability criticisms, but I'm going to celebrate the fact that someone has cited my work anyway!  Next step... a citation referencing my own analysis....  You can see a copy of the Guardian article here.